Micro Hardness Testing Hm 2000 S

Micro Hardness Testing : Hm 2000 S

Micro Hardness Testing : Hm 2000 S
  • Micro Hardness Testing : Hm 2000 S
  • Micro Hardness Testing : Hm 2000 S
  • Brand: Fischer
  • Design: Measurement system with PC, measuring head and stand
  • Damper system: Stone plate with 4 damper pads
  • Hardness measurement range: 0.001 - 120 000 N/mm2 near diamond hardness
  • Test load range: 0.1 - 2000 mN
  • Specimen size: Min. 6 mm

Fischerscope HM2000 S is an advance range of nanoindentation gauging instrument which is used for finding the martens hardness HM, the indentation hardness, particular elastic quantities, the indentation modulus and supplementary material factors. This fischerscope HM2000 S is tested as per the ISO 14577-1 and ASTM E 2546 standards. Furthermore, it measures the factors in micro and nanometer rangeDESIGN:

It has a measuring head HT2000 which contains the test load generating unit, the indenter and the position measurement unit which is used for measuring indentation depth as well as the entire electronic system.

HM2000 S can be upgraded with a programmable positioning aid.


Low requirements on sample preparation

In-situ zero point determination during the measurement

Measurement of dark surfaces without sample pretreatment

Optional: additional stone plate with silicon damper pads to reduce influence of vibrations

Easy operation through the WIN-HCU® Software

Due to the excellent temperature stability of the measuring head HT2000, the creep behavior of materials can be determined precisely with measuring times up to several hours

Adequate load and depth range

It can be used for a wide spectrum of applications including polymeric automotive clear coats, ceramic diamond-like carbon coatings, etc.

Sophisticated design renders HM2000S an ideal machine for all environments

Majority of samples can be measured swiftly and without the requirements of preparation of special sample

Excellent thermal stability permits for analysis of rate-dependent polymers material properties

Optional: Stone plate with silicon damper pads to reduce influence of vibrations

Indentation: Berkovich, Vickers, or spherical indentors are provided

Dark surfaces measurement in the absence of sample pre-treatment

Convenient operation with the help of customizable WIN-HCU®Software

Paint, hard material or synthetic coatings (PVD, CVD)

Materials used particulalrly in medical technology applications

Electroplated coatings (decorative, functional)

Plasma-applied coating systems

Electronic components

Micro Hardness Testing : HM 2000

Micro Hardness Testing : HM 2000
  • Micro Hardness Testing : HM 2000
  • Micro Hardness Testing : HM 2000
  • Brand: Fischer
  • Intended use: Nanoindentation on lacquer coatings,electroplated coatings,hard
  • Damper system: 6 damper pads
  • Test load range: 0.1 to 2000 mN
  • Load resolution: 150 nN
  • Distance resolution: 10 pm

Martens hardness testing: fischerscope HM2000 is used for for bulk material and coatings thicker than 1 μm (0.04 mils). It is basically automated nanoindentation measuring system with measuring head HT2000. This martens hardness testing: fischerscope HM2000 is designed precisely for instrumented indentation test method and checked as per ISO 14577 standards. Moreover, it is ideally suitable for quality assurance, measurements in development, incoming inspection and process control.
General Specification

Intended use:Nanoindentation on lacquer coatings, electroplated coatings, hard

material coatings, polymers, metals, glasses and much more

Design:Bench top unit with PC, measuring head, positioning device made of

natural hard stone, programmable XY-stage, motorised z-axis,

joystick for controlling the XY-stage and Z-axis.

Damper system:6 damper pads

Measuring head

Hardness measurement range:0.001 – 120 000 N/mm2: near diamond hardness

Test load range:0.1 – 2000 mN

Load resolution:≤ 150 nN

Distance resolution:≤ 10 pm

Noise floor:< 175 pm


Objective:4x, 20x and 40x

Video picture (field of vision):1600 μm x 1200 μm, 320 μm x 240 μm, 160 μm x 120 μm


Design:Standard: Vickers

Optional: Berkovich, Knoop, hard metal spheres Ø 0.4 mm or Ø 2.0 mm,

Ø 2.0 mm, special shapes on request

Approach speed of ≤ 0.7 μm/sec

the indenter:

Maximum indentation depth:150 μm, special design up to 500 μm.

Sample Stage

Design:Programmable XY-stage

Sample placement area:180 mm x 150 mm

Maximum Travel:170 mm x 140 mm

Repeatability precision XY:≤ 2 μm (unidirectional)

Max. specimen height:130 mm

Max. specimen weight:2 kg

Electrical Data

Main voltage, mains frequency:100 to 240 V ±10 % 47 – 63 Hz, 360 VA

Power consumption:max. 120 W (without evaluation PC)

Protection class:IP40


External dimensions:Width x depth x height [mm]: 630 mm x 650 mm x 610 mm

Weight:120 kg

Environmental Conditions

Operating temperature:Climatic chamber class 2

10 °C – 40 °C / 50 °F – 104 °F

Storage temperature:0 °C – 50 °C / 32 °F – 122 °F

Admissible air humidity:≤ 95 %, non-condensing

Evaluation Unit


Operating system:Windows®


CE approval:EN 61010

Standards:DIN EN ISO 14577, ASTM E 2546

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